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Motorcycle Unit 31
Motorcycle Unit 31
Veterans' Memorial Wall to honor all Nacogdoches County veterans, Nacogdoches County Courthouse
Veterans' Memorial Wall
U.S. Flag Etiquette
U.S. Flag Etiquette
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Post Officers
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VFW Post 3893 & Ladies Auxiliary Officers
VFW Post 3893 2011-2012 Roster
Post Commander Jim Adams
Sr. Vice Commander Gailon Fletcher
Jr. Vice Commander Paul Simpson
Quartermaster Kenneth Rains
Chaplain Charles Haley
Judge Advocate William Lane
Surgeon Dan Singletary
1 Year Trustee William Bishop
2 Year Trustee Don Kirkley
3 year Trustee James E. Lee
Adjutant William Lane
Service Officer Dan Singletary
Ladies Auxiliary 2011-2012 Roster
President Connie Fletcher
Senior Vice President Anita Rains
Junior Vice President Macra Brunson
Secretary Robin Neer
Treasurer Mary Ann Derby
Chaplain Esther Chancellor
Conductress Jean Lowry
Guard Brenda Bishop
1 Year Trustee Gail Walker
2 Year Trustee Anita Rains
3 Year Trustee Nell Adams
Patriotic Instructor Nell Adams
Historian Open